The gallery has well-lit natural light. The gallery operates two lighting system.

  • general lighting is provided by fluorescent ceiling mounted battens in the gallery space
  • exhibition track lighting is configured on a 12 volt system is configured on a track system for lighting of artwork. A control panel serves this system.


The gallery has installed a hanging system which allows multiple vertical and horizontal hanging of art. No extra attachments may be made into the walls, unless by prior negotiation with the management. A portable hanging system allows flexibility in the art work space to the central area of the gallery. Some solid bench supports are available for sculpture/pottery/wood/ glassware.
It is advised that artists secure tight wire/chord hanging wires to their art in order to best exhibit their work. Arrangements can be made for ‘unmounted’ work to be hung for an exhibition on central portable panels.



The gallery is incorporated within the building of the Box Hill Baptist Church. The gallery has locked and secured access from the foyer, the church and the toilet area in times when it is not open or supervised.
An alarm system is fitted to the gallery, with movement detecting sensor.


The “Chapel on Station Gallery” is a community gallery rather than a commercial gallery. Generally, no commission is taken on works sold, so all the proceeds of sales go directly to the exhibitors/artists. No work can be left in the gallery after the completion of the exhibition. Exhibitors will need to make arrangements with the purchaser to deliver the work to the purchaser if the purchaser fails to pick it up.
Sales of the art will be arranged by Gallery volunteers, using cash or EFTPOS facilities. Gallery staff will ensure that the purchaser’s name, address and phone number is recorded at the point of sale, and a 20% deposit or full amount is taken. All works must be removed from the gallery premises within two days of exhibition closure. If you are eligible to pay GST for the sales you make, you must inform the gallery before your exhibition so that appropriate charges are made.


Applications for exhibition will be forwarded to a selected panel of three members from the steering committee, including a minister, a gallery manager and another member. The selection panel may also call upon the additional expertise of acknowledged professionals in assessing proposals.



Priority is given to:

  • proposals that promote innovation, diversity and quality in visual arts practice
  • proposals that demonstrate a high level of conceptual awareness
  • proposals that present a coherent body of work
  • work that is presented in a professional manner
  • work that seeks to expand people’s horizons
  • work that seeks to elevate the soul and draw people to “wonder”.


The Selection Panel reserves the right to disallow sensitive materials that may cause offense to others on the basis of race, violence or other prejudices.




Though some advertising for exhibitions is arranged by Chapel on Station Gallery, including:

We suggest that artists also investigate the following advertising media:

  • Newspaper listings (Herald Sun, The Age, The Weekly, Local newspapers)
  • Community Radio
  • Invitations to family, friends and professional networks