Vanessa Marijanovic – Atmosphere

(Nov 26 – Dec 9)

From November 26, we are delighted to welcome Vanessa Marijanovic with her stunning photographic exhibition, Atmosphere.

From the artist:

“Photography is my way of capturing the ineffable, which is the most apparent thing to me in Atmosphere. There is a sense of the unseen in every image, and an invitation to engage with that reality.

My earliest memory of photography involves me as a child, taking a photo of my family at the beach. I remember standing on the red rock cleft, my dad’s SLR in hand and vivid blue sky above. I was surrounded by a dizzying sense of excitement over what would become of my image as I deliberated over how to get the shot just right, taking lessons from my dad in composition along the way.

I still enjoy taking photos just as much, and I still use a manual SLR loaded with film. This fills me with a sense of mystery: not knowing straight away what image will surface. I enjoy the slower process and turnaround of film-based photos contrasted with the largely instantaneous nature of modern life. I also favour the warmth of film-based photography as compared to the cooler qualities of digitally derived images.”

Please join us on November 26 at 7pm for the exhibition opening.

We hope to see you there.


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