Hope for Women in Unexpected Places

(Feb 20 – March 4, 2015)

“Celebrating the hope and courage of women from the world’s poorest and most marginalized regions”

Many of us are acutely aware of the statistics that fill our newspapers and television screens about the position of women in poverty. It is no secret that the women who undertake two thirds of the world’s work only receive 10% of global income; that 70% of the world’s poorest people are female, and that poverty systematically disadvantages women to a devastating degree.

TEAR would like to show you the other side of this story. In the midst of the bonds of poverty, there are stories of hope and courage. We invite you to explore these stories and see the women who bring transformation and joy to their communities. We invite you to come and be inspired by these beautiful images and stories to dream of a tomorrow where such injustice does not exist, of a creation all are equal partners in caring for creation.

Please join us at our photo exhibition to celebrate International Women’s Day and the work of TEAR’s partners around the world.

Event details to follow in early 2015.


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